Scouts Own Service

"A Scout is Reverent."

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A Scouts Own Service is an interfaith worship service conducted by and for the youth of the troop on our campouts. The Chaplain's Aide normally prepares and conducts this service. If he is not available, another Scout may volunteer. There is a section on the Troop 413 Campout Signup.doc to list who will act as the Chaplain's Aide for each outing.

The form Troop 413 Scouts Own Service Planner.doc can help the Scout plan the service, with the help of the Chaplain, a parent, or other adult leaders. The plan should be reviewed by the Chaplain, Scoutmaster, or adult leader for the campout before the service is held.

Troop Library Resources
  • Pathways to Worship
    BSA pamphlet with devotions and songs
  • Northern Passages: Worship in the Boundary Waters or Canadian Wilderness
    BSA pamphlet from Northern Tier

Online Resources
This is an online version of the Scouts Worship booklet that has become unavailable. It includes Scripture readings and hymns.

Use Google to search on "Scouts Own Service" or "Scout is Reverent" and you'll find sample services from many different troops.